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Monaco - Golden Square - offices / commercial premises

Monaco - Golden Square - offices / commercial premises


Estate rental in Monaco

The casinos of Monte-Carlo, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Monaco Yacht Show, the lavish soirées that punctuate the Principality social calendar, the elegant boutiques and the restaurants and hotels serving cuisine from famous chefs - all of these contribute to Monaco reputation.However, it is not just the way of life that draws the world leading figures to Monte-Carlo, but its economic and cultural dynamism, with the Ballets de Monte-Carlo, high-quality theatre productions, concerts of classical and pop/rock music, business seminars and a variety of exhibitions. The presence of the world most prestigious fashion villa for rent in Monaco, a strong and diverse banking sector, and numerous world-famous companies make Monaco an attractive place to live or base a business. Its taxation system is fully harmonized with European legislation, but it remains extremely attractive from a tax standpoint. This combination of advantages gives the Principality a unique appeal, with the result that there are 121 different nationalities among those who have the privilege of living or working there. Welcome to Monaco!